Friends of the Foundation

ROYAL FLUSH:  $5,000 + 
Please support the Education Foundation as we work to fulfill teacher-written grants. 
Any amount is appreciated!
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STRAIGHT FLUSH:  $2,500 + 

Please consider supporting our fundraiser.

Please consider supporting our fundraiser.

4-OF-A-KIND:  $1,000 + 
Mark & Mary Jackson
FULL HOUSE:  $500 +
Ankhe & Amahdy Bradley


 FLUSH:  $100 +

Don & Jeanne Schwarz

Hiba Naji

Lara Musard

Karl and Gayle Maurer

Card Holders: $25+

Courtney Jones

Sue Perillo

Rachel Newcomb 

Ricky Innocenti

Laura Melone

Michael Kirsch

Jill Loudon

Elizabeth Czechanski

Tricia Dotson

Kirsten Frankovich

Doug Wernet